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kantelberg + co is in the business of individuality.

A destination atelier supplying an ever edited choice of unique home elements to bring sophistication, creativity, functionality and a sense of humour to living spaces.


We stock historic and contemporary antiques ranging from 18th to 21st century. Most is imported from Europe, with a predisposition to boldness and honesty. We also stock many architectural elements for the purpose of integrating into newly built homes needing a splash of personality.


We are partnered with Verellen... world class North American manufacturer of European styled soft seating. Come in and have a seat.


Hard to find Mad et Len candles of uncommon fragrance, jewelry for your walls, carpets too nice for your floor, artifacts to bedazzle.


Castlestone tiles are made from castings of 17th and 18th century flagstones. Thin and light yet extremely durable once laid, they can be used where load bearing structures precluded heavy stone.


Interior Design Services

Interior design commissions are welcomed and we encourage you to visit our projects.


With our team of over a dozen artisans we re-purpose imported antique elements into practical, yet unique home furnishings not found elsewhere.

Antique Furnishings

Hand selected pieces imported from France, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.


Jill Kantelberg

Jill Kantelberg

Founder Jill Kantelberg’s impeccable eye has established what we call “the kantelberg rules of good taste’. Jill has many years of experience in the antique and interior design field and is the driving force behind the brand. Timeless, honest and bold antiques and materials are the main components of her sense of style and design.

Thom Vanhumbeck

Thom Vanhumbeck

Leadership, management and client relations. Thom brings commercial expertise and a confident sense of style to the infrastructure at kantelberg + co. He visually represents our collection with an ever-changing and fresh perspective and his project management accument ensures that all kantelberg + co projects are executed flawlessly.

Jordan Maddox

Jordan Maddox

An Environmental Design graduate from OCADU, Jordan is actively engaged in each and every kantelberg statement piece. His extraordinary sense of aesthetic and a functional design knowledge ensures that all of our bespoke products respond to the modern needs of comfort and durability.


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